Devils Night is requesting Five Seconds Of Summer!

Lead Vocals | Guitar: Luke Hemmings

Guitar | Backing Vocals: Michael Clifford

Bass | Vocals: Calum Hood

Drums: Ashton Irwin

Devils Night is requesting Bring Me The Horizon!

Vocals: Oliver Sykes

Lead Guitar: Lee Malia

Bass: Matt Kean

Keyboards: Jordan Fish

Drums: Matt Nicholls

Devils Night is requesting Pierce The Veil

Vocals: Vic Fuentes

Guitar: Tony Perry

Bass: Jaime Preciado

Drums: Mike Fuentes

Devils Night is requesting The Summer Set!

Vocals: Brian Dales

Guitar: Josh Montgomery

Guitar | Back Up Vocals | Piano: John Gomez

Bass: Stephen Gomez

Drums: Jess Bowen

Devils Night is requesting Alesana!

Vocals | Rhythm Guitar | Piano: Shawn Milke

Unclean Vocals: Dennis Lee

Guitar: Patrick Thompson

Guitar: Jake Campbell

Bass: Shane Crump

Drums: Jeremy Bryan

Devils Night is requesting Issues!

Vocals: Tyler Carter

Unclean Vocals: Michael Bohn

Guitar: AJ Rebollo

Bass: Skyler Accord

Turntables: Ty”Scout” Accord

Drums: Josh Manuel

Devils Night is requesting Adam Elamakias

Photographer. Tours with A Day To Remember

Devils Night is requesting A Skylit Drive!

Vocals: Michael “Jag” Jagmin

Guitar: Nick Miller

Bass | Unclean Vocals: Brian White

Keyboards | Guitar: Kyle Simmons

Drums | Death Growls: Cory La Quay 

Devils Night requests Motionless In White

Vocals: Chris “Motionless” Cerulli 

Lead Guitar: Ryan Sitkowski

Rhythm Guitar: Ricky “Horror” Olson

Bass: Devin “Ghost” Sola

Keyboards: Josh Balz

I am aware that Brandon is no longer in the band and no we will not accept him as a FC, we will accept him as himself for a band affiliate. 

Devils Night is requesting The Killing Lights!

Vocals: Michael Orlando

Lead Guitar: DJ Black

Bass Guitar: Frankie Sil

Drums: JJ Gun